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It's not much of a brag book yet, but every journey must start at the beginning, and the most rewarding are those that are savored step by step.


Book Signing   January, 2013


After the publication of my debut novel, Hope Flies on Broken Wings, I took part in my very first book signing event and I didn't make a dime! However, I did manage to raise over $500 for my local women's shelter.


A small theme within the novel's pages concerns domestic violence, so I chose to host a benefit book signing at my local library.  The executive director of the local shelter's organization was on hand to answer any questions.  The books were sold for a donation only, the smallest donation being $2 while the largest was $50.  (Who could have ever imagined someone would pay $50 for my book!)  A good time was had by all and within the two hour time allotment, with the generous help of my community, a hefty cash donation went to a worthy cause.



















Book Signing, October, 2014

It was the grand opening of "Buy Nevada First,"  a co-op store in the Reno Town Mall featuring Nevada artisans and small entrepenuers of all types.   Eight local authors, our signing tables were laden with books ranging from children's, young adult, fantasy, to romance and erotica.  It was a fun experience, to do a group book-signing, and I hope we do more in the future.



















Short Story Award   July, 2013


I can't deny I was ecstatic when I was notified that my short story entry "Toad" had won second place in The Cult Of Me blog short story contest, a monthly competition sponsored by UK writer and blogger, Michael Brookes.  An anthology of the winning stories will be available in the near future.



Awards, September, 2014


High Sierra Writers, Reno, Nevada---Annual Writing Competition:

Short Story--Second Place Winner for "Christmas Cranberries."

Flash Fiction--Second Place for "The Mahogany Guild."

Flash Fiction-Third Place for "Number Nine."

Book Chapter--Second Place for "Hope Rises from the Ashes."

















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