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The Last One Standing Wins


No one has ever returned from Skur.  "It's a death quest," Fane is told.  But this altruistic, starry-eyed young man chooses to ignore the legends, for according to the wizard Fith, hidden among the wealth of treasure atop the mountain of Skur is the key to eternal life.  Can Fane hope to steal it from under the nose of its guardian dragon?


Armed with little more than a sword and a magical talisman, Fane's misadventures upon the mist-enshrouded mountain begin.  In this epic saga of love, betrayal, war, vengeance, and friendship, we follow the pawns who are shrewdly manipulated in an attempt to save a dying race within a celestial game of dominace.  It's survival of the fittest as the players are mercilessly maneuvered across the field, and these are their stories:  Fane, the wizard.  Kael, the warrior.  And Elva, the legacy.





"The Legacy of Skur is an intricate, beguiling, and promising way to begin a fantasy series."--Foreward Reviews


"Falconer offers and intriguing and well-crafted fantasy of epic proportions."--BlueInk Review


"This novel was definitely a thrilling read...Five stars for a great job!"--Rabia Tanveer, Readers' Favorite





































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