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My Life as a Cow

One of the many commandments laid down by the great gods of indie authors is: "Thou shalt blog." So I blog. Not that many people actually read my posts, (except for you, and I'm truly sorry that your day is so dull that you're reading this in search of some entertainment.) However, just because I may lack loads of readers or any kind of real focus, I won't let that stop me from writing these little pieces. I like to think I'm persistent. According to others, I just bull-headed.

Astrologically speaking, I am a Taurus. I do admit, as time keeps rolling by, I have begun to resemble something more bovine in nature, and in my lifetime I have often been accused of possessing a number of the negative traits associated with "the bull." I'd like to take a moment here to set the record straight and clear up a few misconceptions.

* It is said that we bulls are prone to self-indulgence. Hogwash! We simply enjoy the goods things in life as much as possible.

* They say we are lazy. Not so! We are sedate, often capable of contemplating in quietude for days, weeks, or months at a time. But when we choose a pursuit, we pour our all into it and I would hardly consider that to be laziness.

* It is rumored that we are stubborn and resistant to change. Nothing could be further from the truth. We know exactly what we want and no matter what anyone else says or does, we refuse to be swayed from our course. Unless we decide to alter it. In which case, we will gladly make a change.

* An explosive temper? Poo. We bulls have endless patience, but there does come a point when, after being nudged for the 1000th time in a direction we don't wish to travel, decisive action must be taken in order for our words "NO THANK YOU" to be undeniably understood.

For the most part, we bulls are quite easy to please. Just leave us alone to do our own thing in our own way, grazing in the meadow of our choice. Don't poke at us and we'll get along just fine. We do have our good points. We're not given to idle chatter. We love humor, appreciate beauty, music, food, dirnk, and an abundance of earthly pleasures. We are passionate, creative, and are loyal to a fault. As a friend, you couldn't ask for a stronger ally, even if the rest of the world has turned against you. We're just persistent that way. And that's no bull.

Happy upcoming birthday to all my bullish friends out there!

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